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mentioned in a list of "Ye names of Capt. Gardiner's Souldiers for the pr'sent Expedition."

April 24, 1676 -- Luke Perkins, 19s. 8d. Under Lieut. Edward Oakes, who was at Lancaster after its destruction, February 10, 1676, and was afterwards scouting between Marlborough and Medfield.

July 24, 1676 -- Isaac Perkins, £1 1s. 4d. For service at the garrison at Brookfield and Quabaug.

August 24, 1676 -- Samuel Perkins, £2 15s. 8d.

August 24, 1676 -- John Perkins, Samuel Perkins.

Men y't are now listed.

August 24, 1676 -- Samuel Perkins, £3 18s. Under Capt. Samuel Brocklebank (of Rowley).

August 24, 1676 -- Isaac Perkins, 15s. 4d. Ipswich Towne, credited by sundry accpts.

October 24, 1676 -- James Perkins, £1 7s. 4d. Exeter. Marke Perkins, 17s. Sudbury.

"The final service of Capt. Swett is told by Mr. Hubbard, the historian of the war, who mentions the late depredations which had been made at York, Wells, and Hampton, where Edward Colcord, Jr., and three others (probably Abraham Perkins, Jr., Benjamin Hilliard and Caleb Towle) were killed."

1728 -- List of Grantees, Heirs and Later Proprietors of Narragansett, No. 3, Souhegan West; now Amherst, N. H.

Soldiers Grantees:

ZACCHEUS PERKINS, Topsfield, alive; drawn by T. Perkins.
SAMUEL PERKINS, Topsfield, heirs claimants; drawn by Elizer Porter.
JOSEPH PERKINS, Wenham, claimants, William Rogers, Joseph Perkins

1733 -- Claimant of Narragansett No. 5, Now Bedford:

SARAH PERKINS, for Joshua Hewes, Grantee, Boston.


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