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Year Day and Month Child Parents' Names
1677 24th 4th Rhoda, daughter Caleb and Bathsheba
1678 10th Aug. Mary, daughter Jacob and Mary
1680 11th 3rd Benjamin, son Caleb and Bathsheba
1682 19th Mar. Ann, daughter Caleb and Bathsheba
1682 3rd Oct. Sarah, daughter James and Leah
1686 2nd Dec. Mary, daughter James and Leah
1687 30th Apr. Abigail, daughter Jonathan and Sarah
1688 12th Mar. John, son Humphrey and Martha
1689 28th July Joseph, son Joseph and Marthy
1690 4th June John, daughter Joseph and Martha
1691 10th May Jonathan, son Ebenzer and Mercy
1691 18th Aug. Hannah, daughter James and Leah
1691 14th Nov. Jonathan, son Humphrey and Martha
1693 8th July Caleb, son Joseph and Martha
1693 12th Aug. Benjamin, son Jacob and Mary
1693 28th Nov. Mary, daughter Humphrey and Martha
1695 9th Sept. James, son Humphrey and Martha
1696 17th Mar. James, son James and Leah
1698 8th July Moses, son James and Leah
1701 30th Nov. David, son James and Leah
1709 25th Apr. Keziah, daughter Abraham and Mary
1712 5th May Joseph, son Benjamin and Lydia
1715 5th May Lydia, daughter Benjamin and Lydia
1718 19th July Daniel, son Benjamin and Lydia
1720 24th Aug. Anna, daughter James and Huldah
1721 19th Apr. Mary, daughter Benjamin and Lydia
1723 30th Oct. Jonathan, son Benjamin and Lydia
1724 8th Jan. John, son James and Huldah
1725 7th June Jonathan, son James and Huldah
1733 9th Jan. Samuel, son Moses and Mary
1735 15th Feb. Sarah, daughter Moses and Mary
1737 26th Mar. Mary, daughter Moses and Mary
1739 15th Jan. David, son Moses and Mary
1742 1st Nov. Moses, son Moses and Mary
1745 15th June Jonathan, son Moses and Mary
1747 5th Dec. Reuben, son Moses and Mary
1750 24th June Mary, daughter Moses and Mary
1753 24th Feb. John, son Moses and Mary


Year Day and Month Perkins Other Party
1668 27th 6th Abraham, Jr. Elizabeth Sleeper
1669 30th 10th Jacob Mary Philbrick
1677 24th 2nd Caleb Bathjar Philbrick
1681 13th Dec. James Leah Coxe
1710 1st Mar. Benjamin Lydia McCrease
1717 24th 10th James Huldah Rowe
1722 20th Dec. Mary Samuel French
1729 22nd Feb. James Shua Nason
1730 26th Feb. Moses Mary Marston
1792 9th Feb. John Joanna Elkins


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