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First Generation


EDWARD1 PERKINS, the immigrant ancestor of this branch of the Perkins family was probably born in England about the year 1625 or 1626. The date of his arrival in this country is unknown at present.

The first appearance of his name on record is when he took the oath of fidelity, October 18, 1648, as an inhabitant of New Haven, Conn., where, perhaps, he had resided some time previous. The earliest mention of his name after this on the New Haven records is in a volume of miscellaneous transactions or "Estate Settlements," page 226, dated November 3, 1657, when as a planter he makes deposition: "That in the Spring last he sewed about 2 acres of Pease in his lott, and after they were come up Ther came in hoggs at Stendman's fence and spoyled them -- so that he had not above two bushels of pease of them; but he then got the damage viewed by John Coopr and Samuel Whitehead, who judged his loss at least six bushels of pease, which he hath demanded of Mr. Stendham."

In 1685 he and his three sons were entered as proprietors of the common lands.

February 26, 1679, he deeds to his son John 22 acres on the west side of the town bounded east on John Benham, west on John Smith, south and north on a lane at each end.

January 25, 1687-8, he makes a deed of gift to son Jonathan of a dwelling house and several parcels of land. Same date, he gives son John a house "where I lately dwelt," and several pieces of land. Same date, a deed of gift to son David of 4 acres in the suburbs quarter.

These last three conveyances seem to indicate that the patriarch, conscious that he was drawing near the close of his earthly career, deemed it best and proper to bestow upon his family what remained of his estate during life. This evidently was the only will he ever made, as none


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