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LYMAN5, born Jan. 21, 1761; married, March 6, 1780, Mary Hoadley.

Jan Wouters1 Van der Bosch married Arentje Arents.
Wouter Jansen2 Van der Bosch married Tryntie Henerig.
Lambert Wouters3 Van der Bosch married Rebecca Curtis (called Lambert Johnson).
Anna Johnson4, or Anna Van der Bosch, married Azariah Perkins.
Elijah Perkins5 married Sarah Castle.
Elijah Harvey Perkins6 married Julia Sophia Hill.
Gilman Hill Perkins7 married Caroline Erickson.
Ref.--New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. LXVI., January, 1912, pp. 15-19.


Besides the New Haven family there were numerous other Perkins families that settled in Connecticut at an early date. Perhaps the best known of these is the Norwich branch, founded by two brothers, Joseph3 and Jabez3, sons of Sargeant Jacob2, and grandsons of John1 Perkins, Senior, of Ipswich, Mass.

Their descendants are very numerous and are scattered all over the United States. The genealogy of the Norwich family appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for April, 1860 (Vol. XIV., No. 2), and it was reprinted in pamphlet form; the latter publication, and perhaps the former, can still be obtained from genealogical booksellers in Boston ,New York, Albany and Elizabeth, N. J.

For this reason genealogical notes concerning the Norwich branch are omitted from these pages, and preference given to other Connecticut families not so well known and which have not been exploited in the usual channels -- town histories and genealogical publications.

Miss Caulkins, in her History of Norwich, however, mentions a "Daniel Perkins" as being the first of the name to settle there. His name appears earliest on the town records. He married, in 1682, Dolinda, daughter of Thomas Bliss of the Town-plot. His


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