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All his land in Ipswich, and all his interest when remitted home were to be divided between the children of his brother Ebenezer "by his first wife." They, with the exception of Lemuel, who had previously sold his share, about nine acres, gave a power of attorney to John Harris of Boston in 1754 to sell the property.

Evidently he was unmarried.


The Perkins family located at Ashford, Conn., descended from Rev. William1 Perkins of Topsfield, Mass.

Dr. John3 Perkins, an eminent physician of Boston, was a son of John2 and grandson of Rev. William1 Perkins, both of Topsfield.

Dr. John Perkins died in Lynnfield, Mass., in 1781, aged 83 years, and in the settlement of his estate a receipt was given by John5 Perkins of Ashford, Conn., acknowledging the receipt of a payment of a legacy bequeathed him by his grandfather, Dr. John Perkins of Boston.

Captain Isaac Perkins of Connecticut, who distinguished himself for his energy, activity and patriotism during the Revolution, was a descendant of this Ashford branch.

But little information regarding this family has come to the knowledge of the writer, but the following record of the family of William Perkins is taken from the Lee Genealogy, compiled by Rev. William H. Hill and published in 1851 by Weed, Parsons & Co. of Albany, N. Y.:

Isaac Perkins of Ashford, Conn., was born ; married Tamison, daughter of Deacon Benjamin and Mary ( ) (Ross) Chaplin of Mansfield, Conn.

He served as town clerk and treasurer of Ashford, and was chosen deacon in 1789. He died in 1795.

The children of Isaac and Tamison (Chaplin) Perkins were:

ABIGAIL, born ; married, Aug. , 1798, Samuel Willard, M. D., of Stafford, Conn., who died in Cincinnati, O., Feb. 16, 1820. Abigail died in Greene, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1839.
WILLIAM, born ; died in 1850.
Others, probably.


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