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John Perkins of Lyme, concerning whose antecedents we have been able to learn but little, had settled there prior to April, 1740, at which time he was admitted freeman. He appeared in Lyme contemporaneously with the two brothers, James and Abraham Perkins, and might have been a relative. All the early records mention him as "of Lyme," and his first purchase of land there was May 28, 1740.

He probably was the John Perkins who, May 27, 1727, married Lydia Malsworth at Montville, a village lying about midway between Norwich and New London.

He died, probably early in 1763, as March 19th of that year Lydia and Joshua Perkins, as administrators of the estate of John Perkins, deceased, sold part of his real estate. Another deed of sale bearing the same date is recorded from Lydia Perkins, Joshua Perkins, Jona Perkins, David Wood, Lydia Wood, his wife, Timothy Minard, Martha Minard, all of Lyme, aforesaid; John Perkins of Hebron in Hartford County, Isaac Lamphire and Sarah Lamphire, his wife, Mary Perkins of Coventry in Windham County, co-heirs of John Perkins, late of Lyme, etc.

The children of John and Lydia (Malsworth?) Perkins were:

JOSHUA, born 17..; conveyed to Samuel Story Aug. 7, 1786, "a tract in Lyme, which land was divided to me as part of my share of my two dead brothers" (names not given), etc.
JONATHAN, born 17..; March 10, 1776, deeded land to David Perkins, who married, Feb. 1, 1797, Miss Eunice Rogers.
LYDIA, born 17..; married David Wood.
MARTHA, born 17..; married Timothy Minard.
JOHN, born 17..
SARAH, born 17..; married Isaac Lamphire.
MAY, born 17..; unmarried, 19 March, 1763.

Note--Other conveyances recorded at Lyme are 1795, March 3, Hoel Huntley to David Perkins. 1797, May 16, John Noyes to Youngs Perkins.


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