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"Charlton, Mass., Nov. 2, 1881.


"When I was a young man and lived at home with my father "one-half mile from the old Perkins farm, it was located on the "road leading to the old tide mill, known then as Brown's mill, "but for thirty years past has been owned by the Perkins family.

"Capt. James Perkins, who now resides and lives probably on "the same spot where the first person by the name of Perkins "settled and which has continued to this day solely by the name "of 'Perkins place.'

"Capt. James Perkins was born in the year 1803, in July. His "brother Jonathan, now living, is 93 years old; his brother Moses "91; his brother Benjamin died when 83; and Abigail, now living, "is 86.

"I was born the same year, November 2, 1803, so you are re-"minded that this day I have lived to see my 78th year of age. "I was, from 1832 to 1854, Town Clerk, 22 years, and while in "office, more than thirty years since, I copied from said Records "of Births, Marriages and Deaths for my own personal con-"venience. Therefore I will give you the names and dates of "some births of the Perkins families.



Year Day and Month Child Parents' Names
1655 12th 2nd Abigail, daughter Abraham and Mary
1655 24th 2nd Hannah, daughter Isaac and Susannah
1657 29th 4th Timothy, son Abraham and Mary
1658 23rd 5th Mary, daughter Isaac and Susannah
1659 26th 5th Sarah, daughter Abraham and Mary
1659 9th 10th Ebenezer, son Isaac and Susannah
1661 9th 2nd Joseph, son Isaac and Susannah
1661 17th 3rd Humphrey, son Abraham and Mary
1671 3rd 5th Mary, daughter Abraham and Jane
1671 1st 3rd James, son James and Mary
1671 18th 10th Isaac, son Jacob and Mary
1673 9th 2nd Mary, daughter Abraham and Elizabeth
1674 24th Dec. Jacob, son Jacob and Mary


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