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Letitia, daughter of Truman and Betsey Moore, and, second, Nov. 30, 1841, Deny Hosley.

The children of Erskine Savodine7 and Letitia (Moore) Perkins were:

ANNA MARIA8, born April 9, 1839.
LETITIA M.8, born March 23, 1841; died April 26, 1842.


James5 Perkins, son of Abraham4 (Isaac3, Quartermaster John2, John1 Perkins, Senior, of Ipswich, Mass.), was the first of the name to settle in Lyme. He followed in Ipswich the occupation of "cordwainer," and on December 14, 1732, married Margaret, daughter of Deacon John and Elizabeth Andrews of Chebacco, Ipswich.

In company with his brother-in-law, John Butler, who had married his sister Hannah, he went to Lyme, where, March 30, 1736, they purchased jointly of William Rathbun a tract of land comprising 294¼ acres on the hill called "Mount Archer," with the dwelling house, barn, forest trees, fences, timber and stone, etc., for £982 1s.

Their families probably accompanied them as letters of dismission and recommendation were issued about that date to "Hannah, wife of John Butler," and to "Margaret, wife of James Perkins," dismissing them to the Third Church in Lyme.

December 9, 1736, Perkins and Butler divided this purchase, quit-claiming to each other, and each one granting the other a right of way across his farm, "a pent highway for himself and his heirs to pass and repass * * * with his creatures of all kinds, forever."

September 2, 1758, he bought of James Ely of Lyme, for £6 lawful money, one certain piece or tract of land in Lyme at the mouth of Eight Mile River (which empties into the Connecticut), which land was subject to overflow at high tide.

April 24, 1789, he sold to his son John for £541 18s. two pieces or tracts of land; one lot is where I now live, the other called the "ell" lot, containing about 50 acres, and the other lot about 96 acres, etc. Also, one other piece of land, a marsh or flat containing


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