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about two acres * * * being a piece of flats or tidal land at the mouth of Eight Mile River, etc. In Lyme his occupation was farming, and this last transfer was doubtless made in anticipation of his death, which occurred a few months later. His wife's death was previous to his own.

In the "Marvin Burying Yard" may still be seen a couple of gravestones bearing the following inscriptions:

"In Memory of Mr. James Perkins, who died Sept. 27th,
1789, in the 84th year of his age."
"In Memory of Mrs. Margaret Perkins, wife of Mr.
James Perkins, who died Nov. 20th, 1781, in
the 70th year of her age."

There are three or four small stones set up by the side of the above graves bearing no inscriptions, and they may be for children of the above.

An inventory of his estate was taken and accepted by the court at New London June 14, 1790, and October 10, 1791. It showed that he died possessed of little personal property of the value of "7 4s. 9d. and a "Right of Land at Susquehanna," £4 10s.

His two oldest children, James, Jr., and Lucy, were born in Ipswich, and their births are recorded there; they are also recorded at Lyme, together with the other children.

The children of James5 and Margaret (Andrews) Perkins were:

JAMES6, Jr., born Feb. 1, 1734-5; a shoemaker; enlisted April 18, 1760, in Suffolk Co., N. Y., and was then described as of "dark complexion, 5 ft., 5 in. in height." He died Dec. 19, 1760.
LUCY6, born Dec. 27, 1736; married William Ely of Lyme.
ELIZABETH6, born Oct. 14, 1737; married Samuel Startin of Lyme.
STEPHEN6, born Aug. 6, 1739; died Nov. 13, 1760.
JOHN6, born Dec. 1, 1741; married, Dec. 11, 1766, Hester Ayer, removed to New Hampshire, and March 19, 1774, John and Esther Perkins of Alstead, County of Cheshire, New Hampshire Colony, sold their real estate in Lyme.

The children of John6 and Esther (Ayer) Perkins were:

ESTHER7, born Jan. 9, 1769.
STEPHEN7, born Dec. 18, 1770; died April 18, 1771.
RUTH7, born Aug. 22, 1772.
JOHN AYER7, born Sept. 8, 1774.
ELIZABETH7, born Dec. 9, 1777.
LUCY7, born Nov. 29, 1779.
SETH7, born April 30, 1784.


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